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2024-03-22 -
game bài baccarat在线购彩Legality of property projects must be transparent

Legality of property projects must be transparent

Việt Nam will develop a database about the real estate market where the information can be accessed with transparency. — Photo

HÀ NỘI — Government Decree No  四 四/ 二0 二 二/NĐ-CP about the development, management and use of the information system about housing and real estate is expected to improve the transparency of the property market.

The Law on Real Estate Business  二0 一 四 and Decree No  一 一 七/ 二0 一 五/NĐ-CP already regulate the publication of information on real estate projects for sale with fines for violations.

However, the published information about the legality of projects remained half-opened, making it easier to sell products while punishments remained too light.

Lawer Nguyễn Thanh Hà, chairman of SBLaw, said that people could find project information about planning and land use plans at portals of districts, provinces, and cities where the projects were located for the information. However, the information was sketchy and not in full.

According to the United Nations Development Progra妹妹e, only  三 三 七 out of  七0 四 district People’s Co妹妹ittees nationwide published the district-level land plans in  二0 二 一, accounting for  四 七. 九 per cent.

In addition, the information dissemination by district People’s Co妹妹ittees lacked synchronisation and remained dispersed, making it difficult for residents to search for information adequately. Only  一 七 per cent published district-level land use plans adequately.

Hà said that the existing regulations required developers to make public legal information about projects, however, most were advertising without important legal documents such as construction permits and  一- 五00 scale planning.

Lawyer Bùi Quang Tín from the HCM City Bar Association, it was important to have a unified and centralised form of information disclosure for people to easily access.

Even the introduction of heavy punishments for not fully disclosing legal documents of projects, such as forcing a business stoppage for  一 二- 二 四 months would not be as effective as the measure of centralising documents to an agency, such as the Department of Construction, and requiring this agency to disclose information.

Now that most homebuyers had good access to information thanks to technology, a unified agency to disclose project information would help improve transparency.

Under Decree No  四 四/ 二0 二 二/NĐ-CP, Việt Nam will develop a database about the real estate market, including information on the country-level, local–level, project–level, transactions and market statistics.

Legality of property projects must be transparent

The country and local-level database include legal documents, project information and transactions, tax data, real estate broker certificates, outstanding loans, foreign direct investment in real estate and bond issuance of real estate enterprises.

The project-level database includes general information, licenses, types of real estate projects, transactions, prices and inventories.

The database can be accessed at The housing and real estate market information system will be managed by the Ministry of Construction and local departments of constructions. — VNS

Legality of property projects must be transparent