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2024-03-22 -
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Letter from the Editor

Dear readers,

Beginning today we are returning with our daily print edition.

The Vi峄噒 Nam News print edition was suspended for the past two weeks, but our staff have been working hard remotely to make sure that we keep you abreast of the latest developments in the global COVID-聽涓€聽涔?pandemic, as well as other important local and international news. 

Letter from the Editor_1

We can't thank you enough for your support during such a difficult time 鈥?our websites have been visited more often, our page views have increased considerably and the time readers spend with us has risen, too. 

The COVID-聽涓€聽涔?pandemic has had a dramatic impact on businesses, and particularly newspapers, around the world. The disruption has hit all of us hard. We empathise with everyone and every business in our co濡瑰unity going through such hard times. 

The aftermath will be uncertain and unprecedented. But still, a hunger for news is undeniable and we know what we do 鈥?nbsp;providing necessary news and information 鈥?nbsp;is still important. 

If you value the local journalism we are producing, please subscribe and continue to support us by visiting our website, following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, so you can stay informed.

We've been working hard even during our temporary suspension to update news and information on these online channels and we will continue doing that. 

We thank you for your support in the past, and we hope to have your support in the future. 

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The Editor


Letter from the Editor_1